Go to

Purchase a play code with your credit card. Each code is $5 and lasts 24 hours from time of purchase.

Using your phone (iphone, android, windows, whatever) text your play code to +1 (647) 560-0715

An automated message should text you back, beginning the story.

Text back any sentence as long as it includes one of the choice words. These words are capitalized.


You can text RESTART at any time to go back to the beginning and you can play as many times as you can fit into 24 hours. There are 22 different endings (18 more than irl sex)


*We are based out of Canada so long distances fees may apply

International Sexters: Use an app like Text Me to avoid long distance text charges!


Texts can take a few seconds to a few minutes to appear. Just like people, bots are busy with their lives. If you decided it won’t ever text back, re-text once more. If that doesn’t work, RESTART.

If it doesn’t text you back after you send the code, try texting QUIT then RESTART.

We’re based out of Canada, so long distance weirdness might happen.

For more help, email:


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