Built to Play: Vector-Based Romance

Vice Motherboard: Am I Turing You On? There’s Now a Sexting Robot

The Mary Sue: In Sext Adventure, a Sexting Robot Doesn’t Conform to Your Human Notions of Gender

Techionista: Sexting met een robot? Doe maar niet

Wired: I had bot sex and it left me confused

The Daily Dot: I sexted with a robot and all I got were these lousy hand cramps

Polygon: Sexting with a bot: Exploring tech and intimacy with dirty messages

Vice: The Gloriously Stupid History of Sex in Video Games

La Stampa: Sextadventure, il videogame a base di sesso e sms

The Hairpin: Adventures in Sexting: An Interview with Kara Stone

Text Adventures: The Sexting simulator points the way

Zeit Online: Der Sexting-Simulator weist den

Kill Screen: Sexting With Robots With Kara Stone

The Plaid Zebra: This videogame lets you practice your sexting skills on a robot

Kill Screen: The Unusual Ways an Algorithm can Result in Intimacy

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