Sext Adventure was originally designed to be played though your text messaging, but now it can be played on the internet! The sext bot has been reconfigured into a cyber sex bot. PLAY

Sext Adventure was at Vector Game Art Festival! http://www.vectorfestival.org/

Sext Adventure was a part of No Coins, a videogame collection curated by Christine Kim for Convergence: An International Summit on Art+Technology at The Banff Centre.


Sext Adventure was selected to be a part of IndieCade! http://www.indiecade.com/games/selected/sext-adventure/ IndieCade Seal

Sext Adventure was at Boston Festival of Indie Games this past September with a special peep show booth!


Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 12.58.36 PMScreen Shot 2014-09-18 at 12.57.59 PM

6 thoughts on “Home

  1. Em, just in case any kids are tempted. Parents might install apps from NetNanny.net or Selfiecop.com on their young ‘uns phones!

  2. I get it, and it’s a neat concept. There’s probably a lot of people who do exactly what you accuse them off.

    My husband and I thought this would be an interesting way for him to explore fantasy, introduce him to erotic fiction, and the AI appealed to us on a geek level.

    And then we got a lame porn storyline, insistance on looking at lame pictures taken with a bad camera, and incorrect assumptions.

    I’ve written about sexual addiction and avoidance. This is a neat little app. BUT…a heads up would have been nice before we paid for unimaginative texts followed by judgement.

    Having said that: This IS a cool social experiment. Was it part of a thesis, or just an idea? How have your responses been?

    I’d like to hear from you. Since you took my weekly Starbucks trip money under false pretenses, you can at least answer my questions?


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